After having two children my love of sports and fitness never died, I just got a bit lazy and unmotivated in keeping it a priority.

Both my children were at school and I was working full time in an office job while running a small farm rearing calves.  I made excuses that I had no time to exercise.

Then one day at the age of 29 I saw a photo of myself and couldn’t believe how much weight I had piled on and realised if I was totally honest with myself I looked and felt like crap!

It was time to make a lifestyle change.

So I did!

It wasn’t easy at first.  I would feel guilty for taking time out for myself.  Then I would feel resentment towards everyone because I was blaming them for not giving myself the self care that I so needed and wanted.

However, I stuck to it and I learnt that by giving myself some “me time” I found I was so much happier and healthier and everyone around me benefited from my new found happiness.

Does this sound like you?

Then it’s time to take control and make some positive changes to your lifestyle.

I have teamed up with Sarah Trass, Health and Lifestyle Coach, combining our expertise to support local ladies in Northland to rediscovering their joy for life.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more details of a special treat.

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