Lost your mojo?

It’s cold and wet outside and you know you should be up heading to the gym or out for your morning run.

However that little voice inside your head is quietly talking you out of it!

So how do you stay motivated?

Here are some strategies to help keep you on track with your exercise routines:

  1. Check in on your social media then there is no way of getting out of it as all your friends will see what you have been up to.
  2. Sign up for one of my online training programs – then you have me to answer to!
  3. Create a challenge.  Make sure your goal is attainable and get your friends on board so you can keep each other motivated and inspired.
  4. Upgrade your winter workout gear and dress for the change of seasons.
  5. Keep a diary of your workouts and your nutrition to keep you accountable and true to yourself.  Reassess at the end of the week and then plan for the following week.
  6. Download some new workout tunes – it’s amazing how much music can hype you up and get you in the zone!
  7. Join a club.  Whether it be squash, table tennis, orienteering, tramping or even mountain biking.  There are a lot of activities you can still do in the winter.
  8. Plan a holiday.  It may be in the tropics or a winter skiing trip – either way you want to look and feel good while away on holiday.
  9. And lastly, focus on your health!  You need to stay healthy over the winter months so keeping up your exercise routines definitely helps keep you immune system strong to fight off some nasty winter bugs.

If you need help let me know and we can sit down together and make a plan.