10 Most Common Diet Traps

Ever wondered why there's a fabulous "new" diet each month that is guaranteed to get rid of unwanted flab?

It’s because in the long haul diets are simply are not sustainable!

Sure you can reduce weight on a diet, but once the diet is finished you go back to eating exactly the same as before.  Because you have been so deprived and real food looks so good, you often lash out and over eat or binge.  Your weight then zooms back to where it was originally until you start another diet.

This “yo-yo” style of weight control is considered even more unhealthy than the excess weight itself.

Diets are not sustainable and do not re-educate your eating habits.

Crash diets leave you irritable, hungry, sleepless, tired and lacking energy.  They are not nutritionally balanced so can make you constipated and prone to infections.

Forget diets – stick to healthy eating instead.

10 most common diet traps

  1. Want to lose weight too fast
  2. Eating big after the gym or exercise
  3. Going vegetarian to save calories
  4. Giving up after a binge
  5. Skipping meals to save calories
  6. Pigging out on low fat snacks
  7. Trying every new diet you read
  8. Giving up the carbs
  9. Cutting out all fat
  10. Emotional eating

Actually eating healthy is not hard.  We just over think it and make it difficult.

Why put yourself through torture?

Sounding all too familiar?

If you need some guidance to do away with “yo-yo” dieting then message me and I can help you.